Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camp Quest

My friend Samantha is the director of Camp Quest UK, and she's asked me to come up with a poster for the camp. Camp Quest is a summer camp for children of parents with a naturalistic worldview - athiests, agnostics, humanists, and so on. Everybody is welcome as long as they're willing to think freely. It's a great alternative to other more popular and well known recreational groups for children that discriminate or exclude on the basis of faith (Church camps, Boy Scouts of America). For more info, and for a more comprehensive explanation of the camp's activities, enrollment, principles, etc. go to:

There's also the original North American Camp Quests, for those of us across the pond:

So this is what I've been working on. I'm going with sort of a "tree of knowledge" thing. It's very different from what I normally do. I'd say this is more strictly design, and less of the straightforward, narrative, work I'm used to doing. But I think it's a good fit, and it meshes better with some of the artwork already created for the camp.

The sketch I'm working from is on the left, and the in-progress is on the right. You can tell it's coming along well because I'm giving the thumbs up. I'm working on a big clayboard with ink. In some areas I'm scratching into the ink, in some areas I'm laying washes, and in other areas I'm laying down flat blacks. Just another day or so and I'll be done.